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Our Mission: To Provide Innovative Treatments with Exceptional Patient Care

We’re paving the way for pharmaceutical advances by taking an innovative patient-centered approach to research.

Dr. Brionez is known for her strong dedication to helping patients at her medical practice, and it translates to helping provide alternative treatments with clinical studies. When patients lose hope in treatment options, Dr. Brionez strives to be the trusted choice. With a decade of experience and relationships with those in the pharmaceutical industry, you are in good hands.

If traditional treatment options result in limited success, moving to clinical trials can be a valuable option. Dr. Brionez recognized the importance of these treatments and became an investigator of sponsor-supported clinical trials. Under the supervision of experts in the pharmaceutical industry, these trials can potentially improve symptoms.

About Dr. Tamar F. Brionez

Dr. Tamar Brionez, board-certified in both Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, has more than 10 years of experience in diagnosing and treating rheumatic musculoskeletal disease and systemic autoimmune conditions. She’s been in private practice since 2009 and has become one of Houston’s top Rheumatology specialists.

During her time at the University of Texas Health Science Center McGovern Medical School, Dr. Brionez discovered the importance of these optional treatments in clinical trials. While these treatments didn’t pass the FDA approval process yet, there were measurable improvements for patients.

After witnessing the positive effects of clinical trials on some patients, Dr. Brionez strived to make them a focus in her practice. Since establishing her own medical practice, she has developed a leading research operation with a team of experienced professionals with a focused mission.

About Our Team

Elizabeth Soriano MS

Study Coordinator

With more than 20 years of experience, Ms. Soriano has expertise in all aspects of clinical trial conduct. She is very passionate about her work. Being fluent in Spanish has allowed her to communicate effectively with our Spanish-speaking study participants. She thoroughly enjoys the one on one relationships she develops with study subjects who are seen frequently over the course of a study.

David Ekunno BS

Study Coordinator

Mr. Ekunno previously worked as a research assistant and a study coordinator before joining our research team. His genuinely kind, compassionate and professional attitude is shared with both his colleagues and the research subjects he serves. He heads up one long term study and assists with several others. He is proficient at lab sample processing and data collection and entry.

Jacob Brionez BS

Study Coordinator

Mr. Brionez is a talented multi-tasker who leads several long-term studies.  His calm demeanor while conducting study visits creates a comfortable and trusting environment for newly enrolled trial participants. He has a technical computer background as well that supports the research efforts of the entire team.

Kathleen Dang BS

Research Assistant

Ms. Dang is one of our more versatile team members. She has a keen eye for detail and enjoys the technical aspect of research, ensuring all lab processes are performed according to protocol and in a timely manner. Additionally, she facilitates the recruiting of new patients for research studies, coordinates patient visits, and assists with data management.

Kiara Collis and Niurvis Antoine

Medical Assistants

Both Ms. Collis and Ms. Antoine have clinic specific duties in addition to research related duties. They perform ECGs, take vital signs, collect blood samples, perform some lab tests done on site and process and package blood and urine samples to ship to a central laboratory. They are also tasked with checking in and assigning the study drugs to the research subjects.

Laura Diekman MS

Clinical Trial Manager

Ms. Diekman has over 25 years of both clinical trial and basic research science experience. She led multiple long-term clinical trials and was the lead coordinator for a 10-year international NIH funded genetic research study. She has conducted educational programs to train new study coordinators and investigators and established and led a support group for patients with spondylitis for 11 years. Ms. Diekman works remotely in support of Dr. Brionez and her research team.

Angela Hackney BSN

Clinical/Research Nurse

Registered nurse Angela Hackney has been associated with ARH since 2017. For five years she served as an infusion specialist at our clinic until December 2021 when she accepted the challenge to take on the dual role of RN clinician and research nurse. As an experienced professional, Angela assists Dr. Brionez in all aspects of successful clinical trial conduct. Patients who enroll in our clinical trials will be fortunate to work with Angela and witness firsthand the dedication and compassion with which she serves the patients in her care.

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