Research Studies Enrolling in Houston, TX

Are you a Houston resident suffering from an autoimmune or chronic condition? Our research studies in Houston are open for enrollment and are seeking qualified participants.

Study participants join our Houston researchers in finding new, innovative treatments that better manage pain and symptoms of chronic conditions.

ARH Research partners with innovative companies which sponsor studies that pave the way for better treatments.

Did you know that many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions which affect day to day quality of life are chronic? With the help of our innovative research studies, the ability to create more effective treatment is possible.

At ARH Research, our clinical studies aim to provide patients with better options to manage pain relief and symptoms from various conditions.


How ARH Research Is Breaking The Mold

Not all current treatments for autoimmune and chronic conditions are effective for each patient. Some patients may even find themselves needing consistent reevaluation and adjustment of treatments, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

At ARH Research, we aim to improve quality of life by discovering more effective treatments and therapies.

Houston residents are encouraged to reach out to see if they qualify to participate in our research studies.

Nurse at ARH Research in Houston

All About ARH Researchh

ARH Research is led by top Houston-based rheumatologist, Dr. Tamar Brionez.

Our team of research professionals prides ourselves on helping Houston residents gain access to cutting-edge research and study opportunities so we can all join the efforts to find better treatment for chronic conditions.

Past Research Studies

Curious about our past research studies? Our research team has conducted studies for the following conditions:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

An autoimmune condition that causes inflammation.


A degenerative joint disease and the most common form of arthritis.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

An autoimmune condition that causes inflammation in many parts of the body like the skin, joints or organs. Those with the condition may experience symptom flares.


An autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in healthy tissues of the body, affecting the skin and organs.


An inflammatory reaction manifesting in the muscle tissues, sometimes in response to medication or viral illness.


A common form of arthritis that causes pain flares and joint swelling.

Meet Dr. Tamar Brionez of ARH Research 

ARH Research is led by Dr. Tamar Brionez, a board certified rheumatologist in private practice at Advanced Rheumatology of Houston.

Her practice’s mission is to provide top tier healthcare to Houston and the surrounding community.

See If You Qualify To Participate in a Research Study

Houston residents interested in participating in research opportunities can fill out the form below or call (281) 884-9844 to learn more.

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